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LAST WEEK – November 27, 2020

Last week we had apologies from Bernard, Brian, Harry, John A and John W.
Our Guest Speaker was Blake Miller (Garry’s son). He spoke on the subject of how to grow the membership of our Club using social media, especially Facebook. His first question was “How we can help?” He did a canvas of all members to ask our reasons for joining Rotary. Some of the responses were:
 Social interaction; meet new friends.
 Help the community (particularly on local issues).
 Worthwhile projects.
 Saw a newspaper with an invitation to attend a Rotary meeting.
Blake’s main suggestion was to invite local community groups to do a presentation for assistance and offer a grant of say $500 or $1,000 for the most deserving group on a monthly basis. Groups can be contacted via a database which is available on Facebook.
Blake said that Rotary is different from similar community groups but is not widely known in the area. In our Club we need to become more modern! Our formalities need to be abolished. We need to look at all ideas for more interesting meetings to attract new and younger members.
Some more points are:
 Facebook has significant information on all its members, which can be profiled.
 We need to do marketing via Facebook.
 Wed need to simplify everything we do.
Members then had a frank discussion about our future. Blake is ready to assist, and his presentation will be discussed at our upcoming Board Meeting on 30 November.
 There were no Directors reports this week, except Noel, who has been asked by Bunnings Crossroads if we wish to do a BBQ on December 7th. It was agreed that we would try for December 13th.
 Margaret reported that she attended the Escabags High Tea on 21st November in support of victims of domestic violence. It raised more than $3,300 in funds which will be well spent. The event will now become an annual fundraiser.
 Peter advised that an article has appeared in the Coonamble Times regarding Escabags which we donated to Coonamble Police Station for distribution to victims of domestic violence. See a snapshot of article over the page.
 Garry and Ron did a clean out of Harry’s storage shed and uncovered many treasures including two historic photo albums and a collection of memorabilia (as well as a huge collection of over 400 banners from many Rotary Clubs worldwide). All of these items are very significant for our history.
Mon 14th Dec
– Annual Christmas party to be held at Hunt’s. Don’t forget numbers will be taken at our 30th November meeting. If you are not going to be present at that meeting, can you please get your numbers in ASAP.
What happened to the educationalists? Over the years Liverpool Rotary Club has had enough schoolteachers to start and staff our own school! Norman Payne was the Principal of Liverpool Primary School. Norm also carried the Globite school case when he went to the race meetings with Jack and Bob Ingham. He said sometimes they came home with an empty case, and other times they could not fit all of the winnings in the case. Norm was transferred to Port Macquarie School and remained there until retirement.
Harold Jones was the Headmaster at Liverpool Boys High School. Eventually he was appointed a School Inspector and left the Club.
Harry Snowden was Headmaster at Liverpool West Primary School. Harry lived at Narrabeen and travelled to Casula every day.
Don Bennett lived locally and was Principal of Ashcroft Primary School. Don played an active and important part in running our Golf Days.
Wally James was Principal of Liverpool College of TAFE and the majority of the members of the College District Committee were members of our Club, some for as long as 24 years! Wal was appointed to TAFE Head Office as State Director of Plumbing and Draining. Wal was replaced in our Club by Don Flannigan. Don kept the relationship with the Club alive until his retirement to live on the South Coast.
There are now more number of schools and teachers in our Club area but none are members of our Club! Maybe we should be looking to the schools for new members?
WHAT does Santa suffer from if he gets stuck in a chimney? CLAUSTROPHOBIA!
WHAT do they sing at a snowman’s birthday party ? FREEZE A JOLLY GOOD FELLOW!
WHAT kind of motor bike does Santa ride? A HOLLY DAVIDSON
WHAT do you get if you cross Santa with a Duck? A CHRISTMAS QUACKER!
HOW do snowmen get around? THEY RIDE AN ICICLE!
WHAT carol is heard in the desert? OH CAMEL YE FAITHFUL!

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